Friday, January 20, 2012

Leaving Students Behind

One of our Oregon SOS members just had a letter published about his and our concerns with the NCLB Waiver. Steve reminds readers that the waiver plan has its many problems from high-stakes testing to Achievement Compacts.

He adds,

"So we need to address the actual problems. We need to get kids reading more, and get the help for kids who are struggling so that all kids can leave school able to read well. This has nothing to do with testing.

Writing is similar. We need to get kids writing more and focus in on those kids who are struggling.

Then we need to look carefully at our curricula so we are sure we are teaching what young people need to know to get along in a complicated and changing world. Right now our obsession with testing is hindering this more than helping it.

Thirdly, we need to encourage kids to graduate. The best way to do this is to make school engaging and relevant. Testing does just the opposite. It pushes kids out.

So, take a look at the waiver and the OEIB Report to the Legislature and see if you think they adequately address the real problems in the schools.

The clear and only answer is: They don’t."

Speak out! Contact your legislators who will be in session soon, and let them know of your concerns. It will be up to our legislators to slow down or derail this train wreck from destroying our public education system. Keep the letters to your local newspaper coming. Find Oregon SOS on Facebook and this blog to keep up on our posts and updates. Your voice will not be alone.

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