Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Our Public Schools are Like Our Public Beaches

I have been a follower of Matt Love's writing ever since I read his book Grasping Wastrels vs. Beaches Forever Inc. which told the true story about how Oregon's beaches became public and saved from being owned by private entities. This book is why I fight so hard for public schools. I am constantly reminded of Bob Straub and how he didn't give up when they wanted to put a highway through Pacific City.  Read and watch the video of this story here via Oregon Public Broadcasting.

We at Oregon Save Our Schools are the Bob Straubs of public education. We question. We educate. We know there are those who just want us to go away because of those very qualities. However, the take over of public education in our state won't be easy. We won't let it. Come join us on our Facebook page. Start asking your legislators questions. Tell your stories as a teacher, parent, student, and let them know that we will not be ignored. Once public education is gone to the highest bidder, we've sealed our fate.

Today in the Oregonian, whose byline should I see on the opinion page? Matt Love: and he was talking education reform! Bob Straub is coming full circle here. We should definitely keep teaching as we know is best for as long as we can, but we also need to step up and ask questions of the decision makers.

Oh yeah, if you get a chance to read Matt's book about the beach bill, do. It is a story that would have easily been forgotten, but the lessons from it are long-term and far-reaching. Every time you walk on a public beach you should be reminded of the power of the people and what it can do.  Remember that when you look at the fate of our public schools too.

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