Sunday, February 26, 2012

No to SB 1581: Give Our State the Gift of Time

With three days left in this legislative session, it seems imperative that we as a state need to take a collective breath and give ourselves more time to truly create an education reform plan that we can all understand, live with, and buy into: parents, teachers, students, grandparents, community members, legislators, school boards, school administrators, and businesspeople. This will take a no vote (or no vote at all) on SB 1581 this week by our legislators. It will take guts that is for sure as the pressure has been placed by the Governor to push it through. However, we don't have to rush. We have until 2014 before we are punished by the NCLB 100 percent meeting requirement.

Still, this is a big decision. There are a lot of details to wade through and discern as well as plenty of questions to be asked. There are other successful education models we can study and assess such as that of Finland. Don't we as a state only want to have to go down this path once? Don't we want to feel good about it? Don't we want to practice what we preach when we tell our children it is important to have and use high level thinking skills such as analyzing, researching, reviewing, questioning, and evaluating when trying to understand complex issues of our world? This OEIB/NCLB Waiver/Achievement Compact decision requires very high level thinking, which no doubt our legislators have, but the other luxury that is needed to accomplish this task is time.

We can give ourselves this time by waiting on SB 1581. Let's do this right. Contact your legislators starting Monday. Thanks!

“To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.”
William Shakespeare

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