Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guilt-Free Schooling

by Steve Buel

I stopped at New Seasons for a turkey burger (really good, but get the Kaiser roll for the bun) on my way home from the school rally tonight. I was wearing my Oregon Save Our Schools t-shirt and a very nice young woman asked me about it.

I told her about SOS and we chatted a little about the state of Oregon education. She said she had a couple of children and I asked her where they went to school. She said they went to the creative science school which is in the Southeast. She said it was a pretty good school, but then, a little guiltily, she said she would have liked to have them go to their neighborhood school.

I see this so often. A parent who really is concerned about the world feeling a little bad about the fact that her children are a little better off because she has taken the time to make sure she did the best by them she could.

I told her, “You have to do the best you can for your children, but you need to fight for everyone else’s children.” I kind of smiled to myself because I thought, “Hey that is pretty good.”

And it is so true. What often happens is that people make sure their children get the best possible but then don’t fight for other people’s children. Haven’t you heard school board members talk about them becoming interested in the school board because their children are now school age? Or the saga of West Hills Portland parents, often Stand for Children types, who fight for their kid’s school while the poorer schools are decimated.

Well, just remember. No need to feel guilty for getting the best you can for your own children. Just remember to fight for everyone else’s children too.

Hey, that is pretty good.

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