Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Money? For What?

Recently, Kari Chisholm wrote a piece for Blue Oregon about education funding titled, "Bottom Line for Our Schools? What We Need Here is More Money."  We at Oregon SOS feel we are definitely underfunding our schools to levels way below the Quality Education Model, but there is more to think about than that.  One Oregon SOS member, Tricia Snyder, responds:

"Clearly we are underfunding our schools, especially when you look at the Quality Education Model. With that said, I think we also need to take a critical look at making sure money is being maximized on student learning in the classroom. Unfortunately, our state with Governor Kitzhaber's and the OEIB's plan along with the NCLB Waiver still value high-stakes testing with expensive longitudinal data systems. This priority and value clashes with what is best for kids and creates more bureaucracy that gets in the way of real teaching and learning. Oregon Save Our Schools (Oregon SOS on Facebook) is watching how this has rolled out in Oregon since 2011 and have challenged it all the way. We see what happens in other states who have already implemented Common Core and expensive disastrous testing. We see how talented teachers are leaving the profession in droves as they refuse to be micromanaged, valued by test scores, and pushing an agenda they don't believe to be best for kids. Oregon needs to wake up. PPS is working to protect kids and teachers from this corporate reform model with this contract negotiation process. More money, sure, but for what? What is best for kids, teachers, and public education? Oregon SOS feels we need smaller classes, a well-rounded education, an end to high-stakes testing, and schools working with their community to decide what is best.

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