Sunday, March 6, 2016

Humans of Oregon Save Our Schools: Joanne Yatvin

Welcome to our second post on the "Humans of Oregon Save Our Schools" to introduce our followers to some of the many people who also follow us!

This post features Joanne Yatvin, a co-founder of OSOS. 

Joanne  is a retired teacher and school principal. She is also a writer who has produced four books and more than fifty articles on education, including many featured by Valerie Strauss in Washington Post's Answer Sheet. At present she has an internet blog called "The Treasure Hunter" which aims at publicizing the good things in our public schools and invites submissions. Read more about Joanne and her distinguished history as an educator here on her "About" page. 

Thank you to Joanne Yatvin for dedicating a lifetime to public schools and students! 

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